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Custom presets Looks
All content on this website is for free, selling the Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks Master set presets is the only way to get some amount for all effort. Buy this exclusive preset set to support HDSLR35.

A set of 50+ presets that simulate different real life film and print looks.

Ervani Black & White / 10 presets
Ilford FP4, HP5 pushed, Pan F, Kodak T-max 3200 Pushed, Tri-X Corbijn, Kodak barit paper (warm, cold, neutral), Ole brown eyes, Ervani Black & White.
Black & White samples:

Ervani Vintage / 13 presets
Hard to create templates because the subtile look. Vintage 1- Vintage 13, 13 amazing Vintage color looks simulating old chemical films.
Vintage samples:

Ervani Film / 16 presets
90’s Fashion, Cold Winter, Ervani Film (1-3), Ervani Mojo, Winter Forest, Fashion, Film Green Shades, I Love Film, Old Color, Peche Mode Corbijn, Polaroid SX70 (standard + 500), Velvia (standard + landscape).
Ervani Film samples:

Ervani Extreme / 17 presets
This is a bonus pack with some extreme presets not for use on daily base but it can safe your edit. Remind some are close to over done! Autumn, Cibachrome, Ervani Chrome, Fafafashion, Faithfull, Frozen, Ive Queen, Just Some, Lomo, Night vision (1 & 2), Nocturne, Polaroid 600, Sepia, So Cold, Soft Punch, White Wall.
Ervani Extreme samples:

35 Euro only!

When the Paypall button don’t work for you: just send me an e-mail

Do you first want to give it a free try with a sample collection of nine presets? Go to the Red Giant website to download a sample collection for free!